My Projects

genetic code New classification scheme of the genetic code: I developed the new representation of the genetic code based on purine-pyrimidine pattern and on classification of codons in strong, mixed and weak categories
DiProGB DiProGB genome browser is a new bioinformatical software to analyse nucleotide sequences using the physicochemical DNA properties. It is organized to find repetitive sequences, motifs, ... on both: sequence and physical (signal) DNA levels. The implemented statistical tools make it powerful to work with large set of genomes and their annotated features. It opens a new way of seeing genomes.
BioBayesNet BioBayesNet is a web server for feature extraction and Bayesian network modeling of biological sequence data.
genetic code Evolution of the genetic code
genetic code DiProDB - Dinucleotide Property Database
E/I transcript TassDB-TAndem Splice Site DataBase stores extensive data about alternative splice events at GYNGYN donors and NAGNAG acceptors. These splice events are of subtle nature since they mostly result in the insertion/deletion of a single amino acid or the substitution of one amino acid by two others. The database provides a user-friendly interface to search for specific genes or for genes containing tandem splice sites with specific features.
genetic code Decomposition tree for Boolean Functions
canalyzing functions Boolean networks with biologically relevant rules: Hierarchically Canalyzing Functions and their subclasses
Pattern in Restriction Enzyme Binding Sites